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Upcoming Events
  Apr 30 - Family Night @ Gateway International

May 8 - Monthly Club Meeting @ 6:00 PM 
Note:  Different location!
70&270 Sports Cafe, 3579 Pennridge Dr, Bridgeton MO
May 10 BSCC Autocross
at the Family Arena
Jun 5-8 Zoomin the Mountains of East Tennessee
Jun 8th Club Picnic
at Quail Ridge Park Pavillion #5

Jun 12 - Monthly Club Meeting @ 6:00 PM 
Smugalas, 10150 Watson Rd, St Louis
Jul 10 - Monthly Club Meeting @ 6:00 PM 
Note:  Different location!
70&270 Sports Cafe, 3579 Pennridge Dr, Bridgeton MO


Gateway Miata Club

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About The Club

Founded by less than a dozen enthusiasts in mid '89, the chapter (headquartered in St. Louis, MO and serving east-central MO and west-central IL) has grown to over 125 cars.. Many of the "founders" are still active. Several members are on their second (or third) Miata while others are planning to keep their original to pass on to their heirs.

As with most chapters, the activities of the Gateway Club revolve around cars and food, usually in that order. Ranging from caravans to competition, activities are planned to provide something of interest for everyone.

The countryside around St. Louis has some GREAT Miata roads. Touring the Missouri Valley wineries is always popular, and the winding roads leading to them are especially delightful in the fall when the foliage is ablaze with color.

Our newsletter, "The Miata-File", is published monthly and contains reviews and stories about recent activities and announcements about up-coming events as well as some continuing columns.

We use windshield flyers to promote the club, and there are stories about people leaping from their cars at stoplights to present non-member Miata drivers with information. That's Enthusiasm!

With our central location, we're sure many people from other chapters must pass through the Gateway City. We'd like to hear from you when you're in the area. If you have time we can point you (or accompany you) to some of the "funnest" Miata by-ways you could wish for!

Membership dues are $40 per year and good for 12 months from date of payment. Click on Member Signup or contact one of the officers for more information.